Union Bank Building
Portland's Telecom Hotel

The Union Bank Building is Portland's original telecommunications
h otel.  It is located in the center of the city's fiber optic hub and was
an original site on the first fiber optic cable carrier ring built in the
Central Business District.

The Union Bank Building Partnership has significant imbedded asset
value in telecommunications infrastructure within the building.  We
strive to offer tenants and participants value added resources by

    - Carrier Neutral Environment
    - Over 20 Telecommunications Carriers Present
    - On-Site Meet Me Room
    - Colocation Facilities
    - Back-Up Power Options
    - AC & DC Power Options
    - HVAC & Cooling Controls
    - Multiple Conduit Riser Shafts- Preferred Vendor Lists
    - Reliable Building Copper Riser Cables

The property is situated at the center of the City's inner loop freeway
system with immediate access to bridges, the airport and Portland's
downtown transit mall.
707 SW Washington, Portland, OR 97205
707 SW Washington, Portland, OR 97205